Saturday, June 9, 2018

little boys

 B and L are such buddies.  I love how they work together for awesome.  B loves to question L knowing he'll say "yeah" to everything.  B will say "Am I so awesome?"
"Will you share that with me?"
B's hair was quite long and he didn't want a haircut.  I didn't really want to cut it in his sleep again since that is so invasive.  But I did offer him candy.  He chose a tootsie roll and held it so happily during the haircut.  His hair was so long I could just hold it in my fingers and cut it pretty fast.  His red hair is very forgiving of the not very even job I did on it.  I just wanted it out of his face.

L was very happy to have his bangs and ears trimmed up for the promise of candy as well.  I love these sweet boys.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


B was looking forward to his birthday so passionately.  He kept asking if it was his birthday, today, every day.  He was actually really looking forward to getting to choose a gift from the birthday box at church.  One day he cried at the end of sharing time because he thought it was his birthday, about 2 months before the day. 

We made a paper chain to help him visualize and count down the days until his birthday.  The Sunday finally came and he got to choose a gigantic sticky hand from the box.  It was everything he'd ever hoped for.  The next day, his actual birthday was low key.  We had a friend party on Saturday and lots of friends came.  We didn't make a big deal about opening presents but it was fun that once they were open, all the kids just played with the toys.
B saved my sanity with this super easy "cake".  We had gummy dinosaurs that lP bought for B a few weeks ago.  B is obsessed with doughnuts and it's been a while since anyone lost a tooth.  Grandpa bought doughnuts for the boys last year when they went camping.  Grandpa is out of the country on a mission, so there were no doughnuts this year for camping.  But we had doughnuts for B's birthday and that was a great treat.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

sick maybe?

B decided he needed an ice pop enough to go lay in the tub sans clothes and try to throw up.  He didn't eat lunch because the free pizza was not as interesting as the free bounce house.  I think he just has never been this hungry in his life and doesn't know what these feelings are.  He was in such a tantrum and trying to make himself throw up, I was worried.  So far he's eaten an ice pop, some oj, taken a long nap and is working on a cookie.  So far no throw up. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

sweet moments

B prayed for the family and included the prayer that he would get to read a story with me.  It was sweet to be a part of his prayer and to answer his prayer.

B has been really interested in his birthday.  He is interested in becoming 5.  He is interested in being big.  He is sure that great things await him when he reaches 5.  He is also acutely aware of the birthday box at primary.  Today he cried at the end of sharing time because he really thought that it was his birthday today.  He buried his head against my skirt and just held on for several minutes.

Sometimes B looks so big in pictures and so capable in life.  It's hard to believe that this little boy is my very own boy.  He's quick to obey and very sweet.  He's also been sneaking candy and asks for candy for completing any task.  So we actually have less candy because he's so obsessed with it.  I'm a believer that kids should not be rewarded when they ask for treats.  There are plenty of times I would give him a treat but he asks so fast that I then say no.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

still 4

B and L are the closest in age among my kids.  I can't believe that when B was L's age, and younger, he already had a baby brother.  I've tried over the last 2.8 years to make sure he wasn't too shorted for hugs and reading time.  I just keep it in mind that he was only 2 and 2 months old when he couldn't be the baby in mind.

P took B and L to a place with lots of sea creatures.  B is such a sweet big brother and takes such care of L.  P has a picture of B buckling up L on one of the rides.  And B was so brave to ride the S Express twice by himself. 

B is a bit more inclined to sneak food than the other children were.  We're trying to teach him to just ask.  Oh this sweet boy.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

These moments

B spends so much time running around outside or on the computer depending on if he's allowed to be on the computer or not...  I love it when he is running around and I love it when he's doing cool things with manipulatables like these tiles, or puzzles.  He's still 4 and it is amazing to me how much he can do and enjoys life.

B loves strawberry jam on bread.  He loves to ride a scooter.  B loves to play catch wit a bean bag or small ball.  B sings a silly song called "Good Government" that he or lP made up.  B is so sweet and fun.  B goes to bed when he is tired and that is the most unusual behavior I've seen in my children, but also one of the best.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sometimes we cry

B fell down at the park and wanted me to take this picture to see if he was bleeding.  It's OK to cry.  It's OK to have feelings.  I try to remember this when he's whining a lot or crying about many things.  It's OK to cry.