Friday, November 6, 2015


It's not just the red hair.  This little boy is so delightful.  He sings.  He dances.  When he cries, it breaks your heart because he has the sweetest cry.  When he is defiant, it just sounds playful.  I wanted him to get out of the car earlier this week.  He had been unbuckled and climbed into the back of the car, while I took L into the house.  When I asked him if he wanted me to carry him out, or if he wanted to come out himself, he said "No" in a sweet voice like I'd asked him if he wanted to... I don't know.  It was just the sweetest little "No" ever.  But that's what he says.  "No" like, "No, dearest mother, I still love you, forever!"

Today he wore underwear for most of the day.  When he went to the potty the first time, after wearing the underwear for a while, I was shocked that he actually peed!  I told him we'd get a treat.  Phillip carried him to the kitchen.  I don't even know where the other children were at this point...  ( Since the oldest 3 are old enough to be out in the yard alone, I'll say that's where they were...)  I asked B if he wanted some raisins for a treat.  "No" his sweet reply.  When I pulled down the candy bowl, and asked if he'd like a candy, his "Yes!" was just as sweet, but much more emphatic.

He's so adorable!