Sunday, January 1, 2017


Today B graduated to Primary.  B has always loved nursery.  He's never cried for us.  He has cried and told me that "You don't go to nursery!  Only I go to nursery!" one week that I was subbing for music time.  During the last year he was willing to let me sub a few times without freaking out...

B did not want to wear the graduation cap.  B did not want to hug his nursery leader goodbye.  B did not want to sit on the front row with the other sunbeams.  P came in and took B up to the front row and sat with him.  B cried but did not leave. 

I talked to him about it today after church.  He said "It was not what I expected."  I asked if he missed nursery and he said "No I did not miss nursery.  I went to nursery!"