Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bug, bug.

My sister gave us several hex buggies last year.  B is fond of them and every month or so will come around saying "Bug, bug."  I still always ask if he has seen a bug.  Hey, it's Florida.  But thankfully, he is always just asking for the little robo bugs.  I put a new battery in one and he has a little friend for a few days.  Then it "dies" and he forgets about it, until next time.

B's speech has come along brilliantly in the last 6 months.  I find myself speaking to him in a slow enunciated manner, as he speaks to me.  It's fun.  He really pays attention to word endings, more so than any of the other kids.  It's like he needed more time to get that all sorted out.

B is such a song bird.  He loves to sing "Luyah...luyah...luyah..."  When P put on the Hallelujah chorus today, B grinned so big.  B also sings the "Gloria....." from Angels We have Heard on High.  Of course I'm bragging, he's my kid!  And it's so fun being his mom.