Sunday, October 16, 2016


B is having a great time climbing everything.  He figured out how to get around in the crown of branches in L's cedar tree.  And more amazingly he figured out how to get down from the crown which is about 4.5 feet off the ground.  He has become very free at L's home, running around the yard to ring the front door bell....  So when he came to me after I had put him in the tree, I was surprised.  Then when he asked me to come help lP get down from the tree, I was very amused. 
There is a new playground in G-town that is amazing.  It will be required for us to visit it every time we visit grandma.  This park has amazing climbing structures, astroturf, a water splash pad, a cement tube for the big kids to play on.  It's awesome.  There is a chimney with bricks sticking out and a chamber at the top.  The kids call this the Rapunzel tower.  There is a brick wall leading up to the tower that B likes to call the Humpty Dumpty wall.  He likes to climb up and perch there 7 feet off the ground making people nervous...

Monday, October 3, 2016

Band shirt

B likes to wear this shirt.  He says "This is my band shirt.  I want to be in the band."  When B was an infant G got to lead the gator band during a half time performance wearing a jersey like this.  B has seen these pictures his entire life.  We love it!