Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The fish that almost got away

While we were visiting G-town for Christmas B made an escape.  Between being pregnant and having a newborn, I haven't spent much time outside when we go to G-town.  And B has come "of age" (able to open the front door) without me there telling him important things like "don't leave the yard."

I was helping L with her sewing machine and heard the door.  I finished the task and went to look for B.  I didn't see him in the yard.  So I locked the door and searched the house.  I still didn't find him so I circled the house.  Still no B.  I went in the front again and saw him toddling down the middle of the street from 2 houses down. 

My impulse was to scold him, but wisdom lead me to lovingly go with him and ask him to show me what he saw.  We practiced walking on the grass, and asking to go on a walk.  We walked to the P's house (0.5 miles) and back, practicing these ideas.  Later P took B on the same walk to reinforce asking to go on a walk, and staying on the grass.