Sunday, April 30, 2017

beautiful day

We were in DC and B enjoyed the dandylions.  He's such a sweet boy.  Today he said he'd like to eat something like a brownie.  Lucky for him we'll make some for FHE tomorrow.  Sometimes I can't believe how lucky the children are.  On the one hand they get to have so many wonderful experiences, and treats.  On the other hand they have few enough luxuries that they are genuinely appreciative of their once a week treat for FHE.  They get treats at church sometimes or on a random day I might make something.  But they can count on a treat for FHE that they get to help make.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

wanting to read

B has a unique super power that he inherited from P.  P is able to sing by just mimicking the shape of your mouth.  B does the same thing with reading.  He is able to mimic the words I say in singing or reading just a split second after I say them.  He really sounds like he is reading in time with me, just a tiny bit slow. 

I've assigned the other children to read a book with B every day as part of their work.  I'm also enjoying reading with B a lot.  He's so fun.  He just has such a visible delight in everything.

B is also very good at climbing.  It's amazing the places he get up to on the playground.  Fortunately he looks more like a 5 year old than a 3 year old.  People always felt anxious with my little girls climbing so much.  But B looks old enough to be doing the high climbing and perching.

B can ride a bike with training wheels very well now.  He has ridden around the block twice now.  He's learning to pull aside when a car comes.  It's so sweet watching him learn to use his body and have so much fun.